I am Alexander Wintsch, a craftsman born in Barcelona. I spent part of my childhood in Switzerland, the home country of my mother, who instilled in me a passion for mountains and skiing. All of this is reflected in each of my designs.

I started as a craftsman of monocles and glasses thanks to my father, and with his help, I opened my first workshop in Madrid, where I designed frames inspired by tradition, making each one of them a part of my family.

And now, almost four decades later, being one of the most innovative designers in the optical sector internationally, I am preparing to reminisce about those early designs where detail and quality are my hallmark.


While traveling with my mother, Mireya, she would tell me anecdotes of her travels, discovering unique cultures, and meeting people who inspired her.

It was her profession as a flight attendant that took her flying over the Swiss mountains and falling in love with the beauty of such majestic peaks.

Year after year, trip after trip, a collection was born that today is the result of every memory, of that beautiful and adventurous life that my mother lived. Furthermore, in honor of those moments, each design bears the name of those mountains.

In short, it was her way of seeing the world and her values that now seal the Alexander Wintsch brand.


«Design is something complex, and I put all my senses into the creation of these. That’s why each Icons model is like a member of my family: irreplaceable and unique.»

Alexander Wintsch