Alexander Wintsch is distinguished by its elegance and its care for the modern retro forms that are at the forefront in its sector.

Its continuous evolution of style and materials creates a perfect combination for a final result.

Quality and own style, is the characteristic of the marca.Estética aimed at all audiences that successfully meets all expectations.

From the beginnings of Alexander Wintsch in the elaboration of its collections until the last decades. The prestigious brand has maintained a passion to be overcome in the attention of the details in the mounts, rods and all the elements that compose the whole of the spectacle.

Each frame is meticulously manufactured in our factories following a process that combines human and advanced technology. The designs are carved with special detail and care. And as a final result is a modern and current design that go hand in hand with the latest trends of the moment.

The novelty in materials used as acetates, metals and fibers make an exclusive behavior to wear the eyewear. Especially the textures of habana gain force in the collections giving relevance to its traditional elegance. This is character in the path of Alexander Wintsch.