The fresh king and queen out-of Fenarinarsa publish the ds

The fresh king and queen out-of Fenarinarsa publish the ds

Maho zero Princess Minky Momo. 63 attacks, March 18, 1982 in order to s throughout the air” where fairy-facts characters live, is in threat of vanishing since a lot of people have lost their ability so you’re able to fantasy and you can a cure for a better upcoming. She becomes the fresh child out of a childless couple, and you can happens on the helping anybody regain the sense of question when you’re with Sindbook canine, Mocha this new monkey, and you can Pipil the latest bird. There had been numerous parallels for the Japanese folktake character Momotaro, who was followed closely by animal companions. There are about three OAV sequels regarding the 1980s and you can a different sort of Show with a new records facts and you will support characters, 65 attacks out-of October 2, 1991 so you’re able to December 23, 1992.

Enchanting Little princess Minky Momo was the initial magical little witch program to add an adolescent in the place of an effective preadolescent; in order to feature their changing with the idealized mature ladies job: a nurse, a flight stewardess, a good policewoman, a soccer team manager, a beneficial saleswoman, a veterinarian, an explorer, etcetera.

Enchanting Princess Minky Momo

Maho no Tenshi Rich and creamy Mami. 52 periods, July step 1, 1983 so you can Summer 29, 1984. 10-year-dated Yuu Morisawa are found of the spaceship away from Pino Pino, an informal alien. As the thanks for Yuu’s enabling him, Pino Pino gives this lady a secret wand for starters year and that are able to turn the woman temporarily on the a 16-year-old; as well as 2 alien speaking kitties, Posi and Nega, to-be their guardians. (más…)

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